The world as we know it is transforming at an unprecedented pace!

Are you prepared?

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Why is it urgent now?

The world as we know it is transforming so rapidly, thanks to STEMM advancements. However, the critical questions remain. Do we equally devote enough time to advancing our inner capacities? Are we navigating this complex & ever-changing life with ease and grace? The widening gap between outer and inner evolution is painfully palpable in our daily lives.

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Does any of the following strike a chord?

Overwhelmed by work and seeking balance and inner calm?

Struggling to collaborate and communicate effectively?

Grappling to maintain focus and productivity?

Craving connection and a supportive work environment?

Facing conflicts and avoiding difficult conversations?

Battling stress and burnout, in need of resilience?

Stuck in routine, seeking creativity and innovation?

Wanting a fulfilling life experience aligned with values?

Looking to enhance leadership skills, courage and influence?

Longing for purpose, visibility and making an impact?

Striving for freedom and even liberation?

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low engagement costs the global economy $8.8 trillion. That’s 9% of global GDP — enough to make the difference between success and a failure for humanity.

State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report, Gallup

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Current ways of operating are clearly not helpful. And, insanity is repeating old ways of thinking and behaviours and expecting new outcomes. We need a radically new approach to personal and professional development.

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To thrive in the face of unprecedented change, uncertainty and opportunity, we must double down on our uniquely human qualities and use every tool at our disposal to actualise our full Human Potential.

Flow - a uniquely human quality where presence and focus heighten, time disappears, and collaboration and creativity soar is our innate superpower to tap.

The age of AI is also here upon us

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Accessing Flow state at will is a super skill of this century to accelerate our evolution and thrive as humans in the age of AI.

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Empathy & Connection

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Creativity & Intuition

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Flow Benefits

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Collaboration & Innovation

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Achievement & Fulfilment

New Skills for a New Way of Working

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‘Analytical judgment,’ ‘flexibility,’ &

‘emotional intelligence’ top the list of skills leaders believe will be essential for employees in an AI-powered future.

2023 Work Trend Index: Annual Report

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Where to begin for our evolution?

Cultivating strong Self-awareness is the first principle. Awareness builds emotional & social intelligence and helps us skillfully get into the Flow game and reap its rewards.

Our science-backed, awareness-based, practical inner-transformation tools help you with just that. Begin to equip yourself & accelerate your evolution to thrive in the Age of AI.

Hi, there!

Thanks for stopping by. I am Kalai Vanii Jayaseelan.

International Search Inside Yourself Teacher

Former Bioinformatician and Trusted Advisor at EMBL

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At my core, I believe in the power of intentional inner transformation to create & experience positive change in the world. My mission is to empower STEMM professionals to become thriving leaders by providing accessible, practical, and science-based tools for inner transformation. By prioritising the inner dimension, together, we can create a new generation of leaders who are strongly Self-aware, Resilient, and Humane, who can flourish in the coming disruptive age of AI and contribute to the world's most pressing challenges in meaningful & compassionate ways.

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Know more about Kalai

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Check out the immersive programs below that will equip you with the first principles of inner transformation, inform you on how to apply them in everyday work-life & inspire you with solid Neuroscience to take daily action. These highly interactive sessions will leave you with much-needed clarity, insight, inspiration, connection and joy.

Search Inside Yourself

Transformational program born at Google, backed by world experts in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, leadership & neuroscience - more than 220,000 participants have attended a Search Inside Yourself program worldwide.

Why SIY?


What can you gain from this?

All the offerings are highly interactive experiential learning and therefore are immediately accessible and transformative. Also, through regular practice, participants report enhanced personal evolution.

  • Calmness
  • Focus
  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Creativity
  • Flow
  • Meaning
  • Productivity
  • Resilience
  • Wellbeing
  • Leadership

Client Spotlights

Success Stories

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Now, are you ready to accelerate the growth of you and your teams?

Our evidence-based transformative training solutions help tackle a range of global workplace challenges

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Personal Leadership

Conflict management

Equality, Diversity &


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Productivity &



Ethical decision making

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Sustainable practices

Creativity & Innovation

Change management

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Connect with me to explore how these customisable transformative programs can benefit you, your teams and your organisation. Shoot me an email today, and let's start the conversation!

An expedition to create a lasting legacy of change

Recognised as an influential woman leading in STEMM, I'm honoured to be part of a global initiative elevating women's leadership in STEMM; Check-out Homeward-Bound Projects. Our cohort is currently preparing to embark on an Antarctic expedition in 2025.

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The mission of my Homeward Bound expedition to Antarctica is to raise global awareness around the urgency of cultivating inner dimensions, particularly among STEMM professionals and equip 1000 leaders with tools for inner transformation. Because, Self-awareness, the foundation of inner dimension, the first principle of great leadership, is truly a rare quality. Although everyone believes they are self-aware, research suggests only 10-15% actually do. Therefore, understanding & addressing the inner dimension is critical to build a new generation of STEMM leaders who will innovate responsible, inclusive, and compassionate solutions to the world's most pressing challenges and ensure the sustainability of our planet.

Support my cause!

Our planet desperately needs those who can truly see and sense. Do you acknowledge that the crisis of humanity and the planet is due to unaware leaders and stakeholders driven by ignorance, greed, fear, hate and anger? Do you resonate with my mission? Do you strongly feel we need a new leadership model rooted in greater awareness?

Support my mission and fundraising efforts. Become a supporter of a significant cause by leading by example. Join forces to build 1000 more self-aware leaders in STEMM who will transform the world guided by curiosity, courage and compassion.

Please take a break & gift yourself 2-days to Search Inside Yourself. Slow down, pause, reconnect and reflect on the first principles. Recognise your blindspots and become a truly Self-Aware Leader. Navigate life, work and relationships with clarity, purpose, courage, ease and grace. Become a gift to humanity yourself.

Kalai Vanii Jayaseelan

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" Your inner transformation is a revolutionary act. It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and humanity "

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